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Happy People Dance – The 2010 collection for family and friends.

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Following on from the tradition set last year, here is my annual mix of songs for 2010, that in contrast to convention, doesn’t actually contain any songs released in 2010! But at some point in the year they all spoke volumes to me. I couldn’t help but include a few love notes below, as well as highlight some stand out lyrics here and there….

Happy dancing, and happy holidays~!


1. I Cant Stop Dancing by Archie Bell and the Dells

A wonderful soul groove number that I particularly fell head over heels for when I realised my main man Archie Bell was crooning away about shedding his belongings on the street and getting down to the funky beat. Love how vivid the lyrics are and that the whole song celebrates dancing. I always imagine this as the perfect ‘end of the evening’ groove.

“…There is a place I eat lunch at everyday, as soon as I get there the juke box starts to play, I cant even eat my lunch in peace because the music makes me get out of my seat…”

2. Dance, Dance, Dance by King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade really is sunny. He is light like fresh air, and bright like summer sun. It is hard not to love his thoroughly happy music, and again, what a wonderful message about dancing. Priceless advice captured in inspiring African music and song.

“Dance, Dance, Dance, dance away your sorrow…”

3. Hang on Sloopy by The McCoys

I love the opening bars of this song, the happy hitting keys in the intro offset by that deep, groovy voice, it makes you want to dance like a hippy chick in a beatnik’s loungeroom. I was pretty captivated by that 60s pop sound this year, that harmless happy mix of rock, pop and groove, this is one of many old tunes that got me up out of my seat.


4. Beatmaker by Doris

Doris. Doris. Doris. When I saw that The Yang had put Doris on my Ipod, I was all like, “who the fuck is Doris?” Then I heard her, and it is like she answered my question with a bitch slap. She’s the Beatmaker, a killer groove Queen and she’s “drinkin’ whiskey straight no chaser”

5. Pirates Anthem by Coco Tea/Shaba Ranks/Home T

After spending over 10years involved with overly earnest activists/protest types, sometimes I think this is the only kind protest that should matter, “the right to play the people music night and day”. Anyway this killer, killer tune, that we found on a five pound mix CD in Manchester, made me get up and dance my blues away one day in my kitchen.


6. Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll by Ian Dury

I heard this when I took my nieces to see Circus Oz, it was played in the dimmed light of the pre show hubbub while riggers and roadies fiddled with the final touches, I could see this big rugged roadie dude in the shadows, walkin and boppin his head to the shit hot bass line, and I love being reminded that punk has pure bass, and its funky, in a punky kinda way.

“every bit of clothing ought to make you pretty. Grey is such a pity”

7. We Love You by Dj Goodka & Dj Moar

Check out that wobble! What an exciting start to a totally uplifting tune. Driving along one day I tuned in past the funk and found it to be also beautiful. When I’m not being a jaded, snarky bitch, I’m quite partial to a bit of cheesy “we are one big family” sentiment.


8. America feat. Mos Def and Chali 2na (Nirobi edit) by Knaan & Tiahoun Gessess

This epic (its over 9mins) is a creeper. Distinctive and noticeable from the moment you hear it, it can take time before you develop a true love and appreciation. I love the musical mix of the Ethiopian and English sound, and Mos Def is at stand out best, sweetly lyrical singing, cutting and clear MCing. Ripper.


9. Groove Me by Leroy Sibbles

Bringin’ back the soul. I find this tune utterly delectable; I could eat Leroy’s voice right up. There is not much more to say, you just have to turn it up loud and get lost in the soul groove.


10. I am a Madman by Lee Perry

This man’s voice stops me in my tracks, its poignant powerful and sweet. And I love anyone who is mad. In this crazy world, you’d be fucked up not to be.

* with lovin’ thanks to The Yang who continually introduces me to a wealthy world of great music!


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